Friday, April 4, 2008

Microsoft offers free Vista SP1 support for all users

According to IT Pro Microsoft has done a u-turn when it comes to charging users for Vista Installation or compatibility support with regard to Vista SP1. It says that Microsoft is now "offering free support to any Windows Vista SP1 user experiencing problems."

Quoting Microsoft MVP Brandon LeBlanc, it reports "you have a variety of options you can choose for support, all of which will not cost you any support fee."

Indeed, it would appear that the Microsoft Vista support site is now offering totally free support for SP1 installation and compatibility issues be it via email, IM or telephone to anyone enquiring during US Pacific time business hours, and the offer will run for a full twelve months.

If you have a machine with Vista pre-installed, then you no longer have to go via OEM support or pay Microsoft $59 for every support request, which has to be good news all round

Microsoft has a Knowledge Base article that goes into the issue. Here are the potential reasons :

  • You are already running Vista SP1.
  • Vista SP1 is not yet available for the language pack for your version of Windows.
  • The Windows Service Pack Blocker tool is running.
  • "You tried to install Windows Vista SP1, and the installation failed with a known inconsistency in the file or registry structure." Oops, this one sounds like you have a problem.
  • A problematic device driver was installed on the system when you tried to update to Vista SP1. Windows Update can detect some of these and block SP1.
  • You are running a pre-release of SP1. You must uninstall it first.
  • You used vLite to configure your system and removed system components required for the installation of SP1.
  • You have not yet installed other prerequisite updates before SP1.

You can visit the link for advice and solutions for these problems at microsoft technical support.

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